Alison Fernie

Senior Records Manager, British Geological Survey

Alison has been working in the Records Management field since starting work at the Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner in 2003, before the new (at the time) Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act went live in 2005.  Since then Alison has added to her experience by completing a Masters in Information Management at the University of Glasgow and worked for two public authorities to help reduce their physical holdings via scanning projects.  Alison has recently completed a two year project to facilitate a move for the British Geological Survey from their previous offices to a new site.  This involved the relocation, scanning and or disposal of a substantial volume of records.  Alison is now responsible for the ingestion, accessibility and preservation of data deposited with the BGS.  Alison is passionate about the benefits of records management practices to aid efficiencies in work practices.

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Monday 22nd May: 11:15am - 11:45am
Making a Move to Improve


The British Geological Survey relocated its Edinburgh office to a smaller site in 2016. The move created a driver to deal with over 3,000 linear metres of paper records. A methodology was produced to decide the fate of the records; dispose, scan, relocate to head office, or relocate to new office. At the same time the BGS faced the ubiquitous problem of doing more with less, dealing with an increase in digital data deposits. One year on, the BGS, a national data centre, reflects on how the move helped create a toolkit for managing volumes of data, regardless of format.

Topic: Lessons from Scotland - case studies and best practices from our host country

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