Alison Winning

Knowledge Management Team Leader, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Alison Winning is Knowledge Management Team Lead at Healthcare Improvement Scotland which is part of NHS Scotland. Alison began her career in the NHS as a nurse and has held various information roles within health research and clinical effectiveness disciplines. She currently has responsibility for knowledge, information and records management such as policy development and implementation, training and communication and is supporting the corporate data and measurement team in the development of an internal intelligence resource.

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Tuesday 23rd May: 12:25pm - 12:55pm
Activate Improvement: The 5S and Lean Approach to Shared Folders


Healthcare Improvement Scotland is the national healthcare improvement organisation for Scotland. We work across NHS Scotland using approaches which encourage and support continuous improvement in healthcare practice. This case study presents how improvement techniques such as lean and 5S have been applied in specific teams and across the organisation to structure business classification development and the use of network folders. Compliance with specific records management procedures has been improved and sustained and will be demonstrated through evaluation feedback. This will be set in the context of the corporate records management plan as required by the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011.  

Topic: Lessons from Scotland - case studies and best practices from our host country

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