Ben Henderson

Solution Specialist, RecordPoint

Ben Henderson has experience in Sales, Services and Product. A former Capgemini consultant, Ben has worked on both the IT and business sides of SharePoint implementations for the past 10 years. He thrives on creating software that promotes user adoption of SharePoint and holds a BSc from Oxford Brookes University. Ben is a frequent SPS speaker on the West coast of the US and is now located in the UK. Ben’s personal interests include cycling, camping and hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest mountains. He is a former Welsh Squash Team Member and is always up for a challenging match!

Session Details

Monday 22nd May: 15:05pm - 15.35pm

How Automation is Shaping the Future of Record Management

As organisational information is growing at an exponential rate, relying on manual processes is unsustainable and a threat to business compliance. That is why automation is gaining more and more momentum. In this session, we will go over how automation is changing Records Management and how emerging technologies like Machine Learning will aid innovation and improve efficiency.

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