Clare Burke

Senior Information Governance Officer, Glasgow City Council

Clare Burke is the Senior Information Governance Officer at Glasgow City Council – a role that covers the management/implementation of a variety of Information Projects across the wider Glasgow Family to ensure Compliance with the Public Records (Scotland) Act.  Current projects being led by Clare include implementing robust Records Management practice, continued roll out of the Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRMS) and implementation of a Secure Data Sharing solution to enable collaboration with external 3rd Parties. A further area she is involved with is the delivery of Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

She is passionate about enforcing the Information Security message and is very active in an engagement and learning role across the organisation to ensure best practice is adopted and enforced.

During her 31 year career with Glasgow City Council she spent 25 years in the Revenues and Benefits area gaining a clear understanding on how sensitive information should be managed and has used this experience to transition to the Corporate Governance role in Information Management. Clare has recently undertook the course of study for the IRMS Information Certificate in Information Governance.

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Tuesday 23rd May: 11.15am - 11.45am
The Journey to Digital Government Transformation – a Realistic Viewpoint


For some time now, Government has been cultivating a "digital by default” objective to improve services and be more effective in their interaction with citizens and other stakeholders.  

But how does Government progress this digital transformation (DT) journey?  What is key to success and what steps should be taken to ensure continuous improvement and growth?

While there are many aspects to DT, effective information and process governance is the fundamental element that establishes the foundations for, and empowers its progression.

Listen to our customers; learn how they are embracing ‘the journey to digital transformation’ by turning compliance, accountability and governance into an opportunity to streamline their business processes to deliver the services that customers expect.

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