David Bowen

Consultant, Audata Ltd

David Bowen worked as an Analytical Chemist for many years, accumulating computers and generating lots of data and documents.  In order to manage this information flood, he built electronic archives (for a multi-national pharmaceutical company, in the 1990s) and then moved into Information Management.  As a consultant with Audata Ltd. he has consulted for clients in Europe,  implemented Content Management systems, and supports some client sites.  He is based in Canterbury, Kent and near Turin, Italy.

Session Details

Tuesday 23rd May: 11:50am - 12:20pm
Listen! Is That Conversation a Record? If it is, How Can You Manage it?

Is a conversation (face to face, by telephone) a Record? Yes, if it has been recorded and if it represents a transaction. If a recorded conversation is a Record, how can you manage it? There are methods, rapidly growing in accuracy and speed. Some will be shown and discussed during this talk. The implications for legal discovery, process automation, and records managers will be addressed.

Topic: Technology - best practices and innovation Enterprise Content Management

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