Denise Lynd

General Manager Health & Social Care Records, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

General Manager Health & Social Care Records Belfast Health & Social Care Trust with over 30 years experience in Nursing, Information Management and Records Management. Responsibilities also include policy development and operational management of appointment booking offices, out-patient reception areas and medical records libraries across a range of acute hospital sites.  Areas of expertise include policy development and regional input into planning for future development of an Electronic Healthcare record for Northern Ireland.    

Session Details

Monday 22nd May: 15:05pm - 15:35pm
'Talking Wall - Information Governance Resources and SWAP SHOP'

'Talking Wall' is a simple technique adapted from commercial situations of exploring issues, analysing problems and developing action plans. The focus will be information governance resources. Participants are invited to bring along a current resource used for IG training - something with a proven success rate or an untested idea. All ideas are welcome. The purpose is to build a 'treasure trove' of IG tricks and and the outcome is for participants to gather a variety of training resources. At the end of the session a SWAP SHOP will open for business, exchanging resources guaranteed to refresh and motivate audiences.

Topic: Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change

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