Dorothy Quinn

Director, DeeQue Limited

Dorothy Quinn MSc RM BSc Econ, Director of DeeQue Limited is an Information and Records Manager with over 18 years’ experience. Dorothy was one of the founding committee members of the Information and Records Management Society (Ireland Group). She was Chairperson of the IRMS (Ireland Group) from 2011 to 2013. In 2008 she attained a Masters in Information and Records Management from Northumbria University and holds a certificate in Information Governance. Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2008-2009. This year she was President of Shannon Rowing Club 2016 and Network Limerick President 2009. For further information go to 

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Monday 22nd May: 11:50am - 12:20pm
Regeneration Game - Back to the Future!


A deep dive into the past and future of information management identifying the lessons learnt and identifying a pathway to good information management. The explicit right to privacy of individuals’ backed by current legislation with "Big Data” analytics correlating the digital information held publicly and privately on individuals verses our need to legally "Future Proof” information. Dorothy will discuss the societal impact of obsolete and obscure file formatting that makes it impossible to read historical electronic documents and multimedia. Looking at what our historical records look like in the future.

Topic: Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change

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