Gillian Acheson

Senior Data Protection Manager, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Gillian Acheson has over 20 years experience in IT, Information Management and Research and is currently a Senior Data Protection Manager at the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland.  Responsibilities also include policy development, information governance and working with a team to deliver awareness, advice and guidance to staff.  Gillian has been a keynote speaker at IRMS (Information & Records Management Society) Conferences in the UK, as well as winning the IRMS UK ‘Team of the Year’ Award 2014.   Gillian was a speaker at the ICO Data Protection Practitioner’s Conference in Manchester in March 2016.  

Session Details


Monday 22nd May: 15:05pm - 15:35pm
'Talking Wall - Information Governance Resources and SWAP SHOP'


'Talking Wall' is a simple technique adapted from commercial situations of exploring issues, analysing problems and developing action plans. The focus will be information governance resources. Participants are invited to bring along a current resource used for IG training - something with a proven success rate or an untested idea. All ideas are welcome. The purpose is to build a 'treasure trove' of IG tricks and and the outcome is for participants to gather a variety of training resources. At the end of the session a SWAP SHOP will open for business, exchanging resources guaranteed to refresh and motivate audiences.

Topic: Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change

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