Gillian Forde

Information Governance & Management Officer, Westminster City Council

Gillian Forde has worked in Records Management for over 15 years, initially starting as an Information Specialist in Camden Council where she was part of a small team which helped transform the way the Housing and Adult Social Care department managed their records. This included process, systems and content workflow reviews to introduce lean working practices and reducing the paper footprint in the organisation. As  Assistant Corporate Records Manager at Westminster City Council Gillian has helped deliver the current Declutter programme, the Digital Transformation programme and the City Hall Decant. The key drivers for these projects were space consolidation and rationalisation, single digital view of the customer and efficient optimised end to end processes.

Gillian has specialist knowledge in stakeholder management, information systems requirements analysis, solution design and change management. Gillian also brings an innovative approach to records management solutions based on use cases and has a special interest and experience in a range of system based solutions to help support teams making the transformation into a digital workplace.

Session Details

Monday 22nd May: 11.50am - 12.20pm
Digital Transformation: Paperless or Paper Light?; A Case Study


Understanding the need to transform from Paper to Digital Archive Westminster City Council embarked on a Council wide declutter programme in 2015. This involved removing active filing from working areas across multiple departments and implementing hot desks to promote remote working.

This session will look at the lessons learnt on digital transformation including how to keep costs down and benefits high.

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