Janice Morgan Singh

Business Information Officer, Zero Waste Scotland

Janice has worked in the IT sector since 1998 after graduating with a degree in Communication & Information Studies. Her first role was a technical one - fresh out of university and responsible for a network and two large databases for a charity based in the south of England. As was, and still is, customary for IT departments with small budgets, there was the expectation that she would also train staff in the new regulatory requirements placed on organisations for Data Protection.  As current Business Information Officer at Zero Waste Scotland she uses the whole spectrum of experiences and skills gained from 17 years in dedicated 1st and 2nd line technical support.  Having to shift from a firefighting role to a strategic one, the challenges of information governance continue to keep Janice busy and occasionally, entertained. She seeks to keep the demands of good information technology closely linked with good information governance and practice.

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Tuesday 23rd May: 11:15am - 11:45am
Zero Waste Data - A Study in Valuing Information by Zero Waste Scotland


Zero Waste Scotland is a programme concerned with carbon reduction and the environment, Funded by Government 

In 2015 we had to start a process of records management and Improvement so our business can prove its value as a leader on the world stage in resource efficiency. 

We've convinced our business to invest in us and our vision. 10% of our head count of staff are directly engaged in aspects of records management. 

Underlining this case study is the message that in order to make record management an asset we must first prove to our staff that there is value in this information.

Topic: Lessons from Scotland - case studies and best practices from our host country

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