Jason Arundel

Senior Executive, M-Files

With over 15 years' experience in the information and records management industry, Jason has helped many private and public sector organisations transform the way they manage information, drive efficiencies and enable collaboration.

Having worked from both client and vendor perspectives, Jason has a unique understanding of the drive to improve efficiency and regulatory pressure many organisations experience while understanding the importance of adopting the right solution for the right purpose at the right price. Now as a solution provider, Jason is able to provide solutions that truly add value and improve working practises. While digital transformation focuses on the importance of technology convergence to improve working practise, IRM/KIM teams needs to adapt and understand how to work in unison in this new era of collaborative technology. Jason's team is enabling organisations to embrace this change while maintaining the strict control and policy RM needs to apply.

Session Details

Monday 22nd May: 14:30pm - 15:00pm

What You Should Expect From Next Generation Information Management Solutions

The traditional approach to managing documents and records has led to information silos, duplication of content and effort, and disparate systems which can be costly and complex to implement and maintain.

The time has come to change your mindset, and expect more from your information management solutions which should be making it easier, not harder, to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of documents and records.

The new approach to information management should dynamically organise, manage, secure, retain and dispose of information based on "what it is" rather than "where it is stored". It should also allow you to implement and monitor policies and processes that support GDPR compliance.

The time has come to push the information management boundaries.

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