Jeremy Clarke

Information Recruitment Expert, Sue Hill Recruitment

Jeremy Clarke has worked in information recruitment since 2004. He completed a Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) Diploma in Recruitment covering recruitment law and best practice. Over the past 10 years he has developed a specialism in records, information and library management. Jeremy works with organisations to recruit a broad range of positions relating to information and records management and provides advice on recruitment legislation. His consultative approach gives him a unique insight into recruitment processes across public and private sector organisations.

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Tuesday 23rd May: 15:05pm - 15:35pm
A View to a Skill: or, How to use Your Soft Skills to Influence Change


From creativity and critical thinking to leadership and conflict resolution, these are some of the soft skills which we must harness to effect meaningful change within our organisations. These skills are best exemplified by the suave and savvy secret agents who thrill and surprise us on the silver screen and the small screen. 

This session invites you to examine how the likes of George Smiley and Carrie Mathison employ their well-honed soft skills to bring about change on an international scale; consider which soft skills you use on a daily basis; and identify ways that you too can inspire transformation.

Topic: Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change

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