Joe Chapman

'Capturing the Energy' Development Officer, University of Aberdeen

Joe currently works for the University of Aberdeen, leading a project to develop an archive of the Oil & Gas industry – a role which sees him engaging with the information management (IM) community and other, senior figures across the sector. He was previously the main point of contact for IM at Aberdeenshire Council, where he undertook a review of information processes and co-ordinated compliance with the Public Records (Scotland) Act. He is known for being a passionate advocate of the IM profession and is also the IRMS Communications Officer. 

Session Details


Monday 22nd May: 11:50am - 12:20pm
Change, Change and Change Again - How Records Managers can Avoid Being Put in a Box!


We all know that good information processes are critical to achieving corporate objectives, but often those tasked with managing this key business asset find themselves sidelined, their role misunderstood and their remit squeezed. With the GDPR on the horizon, the need to reverse this trend is even more urgent than ever. 

This interactive presentation will draw on the speaker's experiences in both the public and private sectors in Scotland. Discussions will aim to identify the tools and tactics that records managers need in order to become true agents of change in their organisations.

Topic: Lessons from Scotland - case studies and best practices from our host country, Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change


Tuesday 23rd May: 15:05pm - 15:35pm
Changing the Record - A Scottish Soundtrack to Information Governance!


Using their combined creative juices, the IRMS team will take you on a musical journey through our profession, becoming 'records managers' of a different kind as we pay tribute to - or rather, take liberties with - some of the best-known songs to come out of Scotland since the Society was founded in 1983. 

The playlist is a closely guarded secret but inspired by our host city, the (strictly unofficial) music capital of Britain, it is sure to feature golden oldies and modern classics to 'drive' home the message that we really are Agents of Change!

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