Linda McFarlane

Maintenance Administrator, Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association Ltd

Linda has had 12 years’ experience in the construction industry and 8 years’ experience in housing associations in an administration capacity.  She has worked in various positions ranging from office junior up to a senior site secretary with Balfour Beatty Construction and is now the Maintenance Administrator with Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association.  She played a big part in the selection of Dataspace as Blue Triangle’s chosen off-site record management company.  She is responsible for the co-ordination of Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association’s record management requirements.


Session Details

Monday 22nd May: 15:05pm - 15:35pm 
"Singing from The Same IM/IRM sheet – How Blue Triangle Housing Association is Improving People’s Lives by Improving How They Manage their Information”


Blue Triangle Housing Association (BTHA) exists to support, accommodate and assist vulnerable people in Scotland to achieve better lives. Creating, managing and sharing the information and records we need to do this across our geographically dispersed organisation with commissioning authorities, partner agencies and regulators is challenging.  

In this case study, we will share our IM improvement experiences, how we recognised the need for change and how we are managing that change, learning lessons along the way.

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