Lynne Smith

Information Scientist, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Lynne Smith is part of a small team responsible for Information Governance and Records Management within Healthcare Improvement Scotland which is part of NHS Scotland. The team are in the process of implementing a records management plan for the organisation. Lynne has been involved in developing an organisation Business Classification Scheme, reviewing retention and disposal policies and producing an online records management awareness module for all staff. As the organisation is considering a move to SharePoint Lynne has provided support to the assessment and testing of SharePoint for document and records management.

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Monday 22nd May: 14:30pm - 15:00pm
Driving Improvement: SharePoint and Healthcare Regulation


In April 2016 Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) assumed responsibility for regulating independent clinics. To enable efficient document and record management an IT solution incorporating CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010 was developed to provide a one-stop shop for managing the independent healthcare review process. The main goals of the solution have all been met: staff are able to find documentation/templates easily, there is one version of the truth, and users can carry out their duties offsite via a vpn connection to the internal network. Valuable learning from this application of SharePoint will be applied more widely across the HIS organisation.

Topic: Lessons from Scotland - case studies and best practices from our host country

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