Martin Fletcher

Assurance and Information Management Consultant, National Archives

As part of the Information Management Department at The National Archives; Martin Fletcher has provided Cyber Security training to 2,700 staff from over 150 organisations across the public sector. In this role he has also developed an Information Security ‘train the trainer’ course which is now used by organisations including The Scottish Government, HMRC and Ministry of Justice. He is also responsible for the Archives’ well established programme of Management Board briefings. Martin believes that the core to ensuring a secure culture is to engage the senior management and encourage them to see cyber security as being more than just an "IT problem".

Session Details


Tuesday 23rd May: 11:15am - 11:45am
Patching people: What on Earth does Cyber Security Have to do with Information Management?


Cyber security is often seen by staff within an organisation as being an "IT problem". However insecure online practices and poor management of information can put the organisation at risk of attack. Ensuring staff know how to manage information securely is vital; the only part of a system that can't be patched is the fleshy part that sits on the end of the keyboard. 

The session will cover a number of recent case studies of major cyber attacks and provide a step by step guide to stealing information from an insecure organisation.

Topic: Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change

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