Noeleen Schenk

Director, Metataxis

Noeleen Schenk is a Director of Metataxis and has over twenty years’ experience of working in the information sector as a practitioner, researcher and consultant. She is a passionate advocate of ensuring that solutions incorporate good practice, embedding changes appropriately into existing business practice, taking into account future developments and requirements.

She has worked with a wide range of clients developing and implementing information and knowledge management solutions. Recent clients include central and local government, the third sector, and legal, financial and educational sectors.

Noeleen’s focus is on the effective management and utilisation of services, the exploration and definition of service development in response to changing requirements, and ensuring that the necessary support structures are in place. She works with clients to investigate and analyse the processes involved in creating, retrieving and using information, identifying barriers and risks, and working through solutions which will ensure that their information supports and promotes the enterprise’s competitive advantage. She believes that introducing effective knowledge sharing processes supports the empowerment of staff and the establishment of a learning organisation. Her projects include information security, information and data handling, information risk management, and document and records management.

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Tuesday 23rd May: 14:30pm - 15:00pm 
The future’s so bright – I gotta wear shades…


The way we work is dramatically changing. Employees expect to work anywhere, anytime, on any device, using any app. Organisations are becoming smaller, leaner and outsourcing more services. All of which means how we create, manage and access organisational information and records is rapidly changing.

This workshop session will enable participants to:

  • explore what this means for information management and governance; 
  • understand what this means for users and their IM expectations and requirements;
  • consider what IG frameworks could be put in place;
  • be excited and enthused by the opportunities these changes offer our profession. 

Topic: Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change, Technology - best practices and innovation Enterprise Content Management

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