Reynold Leming

IRMS Conference Director

Reynold Leming is an experienced information management professional who has skills in developing strategies for enterprise content management solutions and creating processes and policies for information governance. Secret After 10 years working in the City of London for financial information and software companies, Ren has worked in the document management industry since 1997. He has successfully traded as an independent consultant since 2000 and is a Director of Informu Solutions Ltd. Ren joined the Executive in 2012 as Special Projects Officer- with a particular remit to deliver the Society's 'retention wiki' (affectionately known as 'Renipedia'). With this Project completed, Ren joined Roger (Poole) in the newly-formed PSCD team in the Summer of 2014. Ren was made an Assistant Director in Autumn 2014 and assumed responsibility for the annual conference in 2015.

Session Details


Monday 22nd May 9:20am - 10:40am
Scotland - Public Records for the Public: Balancing the Roles and Needs of the Keeper, The Regulator and the Business


Ren will chair the opening panel discussion.  The opening session of the conference looks at the distinctive and vibrant public sector information landscape in Scotland. It aims to do this through looking at the roles and needs of the key stakeholders involved in working with us as a profession to deliver public records for the public. The session is designed to be lively- taking the form of three 10-minute mini keynotes followed by a 30-minute armchair panel session - with hand-picked ‘in the know’ participants present to represent each of the key stakeholder groups. With a world-leading public records act and numerous innovative information-dependent Scottish Government initiatives such as GIRFEC (getting it right for every child) and Health and Social Care integration in the mix, this opening session, which will focus on the challenges of delivering these in a climate of ever-increasing regulation, public expectation and technology-driven possibilities set against ever more stretched resource, is sure to both resonate and promote debate amongst Scottish and visiting delegates alike.

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