Sara Day Thomson

Project Officer, Digital Preservation Coalition

As the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Project Officer, Sara undertakes much of the DPC’s project work, becoming involved with some of the latest research in managing, accessing and sharing digital content. She has recently authored two of the DPC’s popular Technology Watch Report series on Preserving Social Media and Preserving Transactional Data. She has also delivered conference papers and training on these and related subjects. Sara joined the DPC from the National Library of Scotland and the University of Glasgow where she studied Information Management and Preservation. 

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Tuesday 23rd May: 12:25pm - 12:55pm
#recordsmanagement 2.0: Managing Social Media as Corporate Record


Social media provides a powerful tool. Most businesses use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to promote their products and services. Many government organisations use the same platforms. In other words, social media has become part of the official record. Managing social media records poses a range of challenges, from regulatory compliance to terms of service enforced by individual platforms. Capturing and preserving social media, however, doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. This workshop-style session demonstrates simple approaches to managing social media as corporate record, from gaining a few easy wins to implementing best practice across an organisation.

Topic: Law - understanding and responding to changes in information law, Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change

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