Sunny Seregen

Information Officer, St. John’s Foundation Est. 1174

Sunny is a recent graduate of UCL’s Archive and Records Management course and has worked as an information officer for a solicitor’s firm as well as a number of long-term placements prequalification. In 2016 she was awarded the Restore Bursary to attend the IRMS Conference and was a runner-up in the Alison North Award for New Professionals. She is currently working for an established charity with a focus on data protection, information governance and promoting their archives. 

Session Details


Monday 22nd May: 15:40pm - 16:10pm
A Shock to the Heart: Controlling Human Factors to Successfully Manage Information Management Crises


Research into first aid situations shows that human factors significantly contribute to failure. Implementing controls to decrease the impact of human nature creates unprecedented success.

By applying the theory of human factors in a clinical setting to information management, this session will provide attendees from any sized organisation with tools to drive business interest in information.

There will be a brief introduction to the concept of human factors. The session will then focus on managing crises such as data breaches and archive disasters and will conclude by considering aspects that could help champion information management in routine business. 

Topic: Soft Skills - helping you as a professional, particularly in managing change

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