Walter Mansfield

Coventry Building Society

Session Details

Tuesday 23rd May: 14:30pm - 15:00pm

Evolving Information: Exploring the impact of GDPR on records management


  • This session explores a range of issues from the viewpoint of a records manager embedded within the Information Security Risk function of Coventry Building Society
  • Records Management and Information Security Risk at the Coventry, the UK’s third largest building Society
  • The journey so far: Whistle-stop tour of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Decision making with imperfect information: narrowing approaches to information management within a wider GDPR approach
  • The ICO’s guidance timeline: Consent and Records and Information Management considerations. What do we know, what are we guessing
  • Records versus Data?: What is the role of recorded information which is not personal data? Is there a risk of business sensitive information being ignored?
  • Fighting Zombies : How to manage Retention and deletion of information in a landscape of legacy systems and Zombie data
  • Defining ownership: Who owns what data? How to define ownership and allocate responsibility? Top down or bottom up?

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