In the Spotlight: IRMS Conference

There are so many different people and organisations that make up the annual IRMS Conference, each playing an important role in the overall success and experience of our events and conferences.

"In the Spotlight" is an opportunity to get to know those in the IRMS community that you might not normally come into contact with, and a chance to understand what others in the Information and Document Management industry are thinking and doing.

Andrea Binding

Corporate Records Manager, Somerset County Council


Alice Blogg

Business Development Manager, Iron Mountain


David Bowen

Director, Audata Ltd


Sigita Cibulskyte

Finance & HR Manager, Micro Business Systems Ltd


Clare Cowling

Director, Legal Records at Risk Project, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London


John Drury

General Manager, Micro Business Systems Ltd


Anne Gadsden

Information Governance Officer, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust


Susan Haden

Records Management, Department for Education


Ben Henderson

Pre-Sales and Delivery Lead, RecordPoint


Steve Macmillan

Managing Director, Protocol Policy Systems



Simon McNair

Business Development Director, Iron Mountain



Michelle Megran

Customer Relationship Manager, Crown Records Management


Jade Miles

Group marketing Manager, Box-it



Angela Nwaomah

University Registrar & Senior Lecturer of Records Management, Adventist Universityof Africa

Neil Reeves

eDirector, IRMS

Toni Simons

Data Protection Officer, First Ark Group

Diane Wallace

Digital Information Manager


Deborah Ward-Johnstone

Group Event Director, Europe, Revolution Events


Patricia Whatley

Director, Centre for Archive & Information Studies, University of Dundee

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