Backing the Future- top tips I'd tell my younger professional self

Chaired by IRMS Training Director Sarah Norman this session, while aimed at those new to the profession, is open to all delegates and forms the centrepiece of this year’s Conference Fringe. What advice would you give your younger self? Look after your teeth, best to pass on the offer of ToysRUs shares, don’t expect the Sinclair C5 to become the transport of the future? Sadly, despite the conference theme, we can’t go back to 1985 but we’re able to give you the next best thing: five experienced and respected professionals will tell you what they would tell their younger selves: what they would change, what they would do differently and what they wish they’d done more of! Each speaker will give an 'unplugged' brief talk and there will be time for questions. If you miss the session however: never fear! The speakers are quite happy to chat with you over the duration of the conference and will be wearing flux capacitor badges to identify themselves so just give them a wave and make a new friend.

 Hear from:

Paradise by the SharePoint light: Bat out of Michele- a fast-paced IM road trip
Michele Noad AMIRMS, Digital Transformation Specialist, Continuum Connected Consulting Ltd

Beks to the Future
Bekki Shoesmith, Privacy and Information Management Manager, Direct Line

The Fellowship of the Ring Binder
Matthew Stephenson AMIRMS, FIRMS, Risk and Compliance Manager, University of Bradford

Filerunner: 30 years of taking wins and dodging magic bullets in the RM Underworld
Meic Pierce Owen AMIRMS, FIRMS, FIIM Records Manager, Fife Council

4 Web-Drives and a Filing Cabinet
Heather Jack FIRMS AMIRMS, Director, HJBS Ltd 

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