Focusing on the sand bed of records management amid the waves of information

15:20 - 15:50

This is a crucial time for records management due to the significant increase in digital information and transition to new technology but apparent lack of thought as to how it will be managed or preserved for the future. In recent years there has been a clear focus on data protection and then cyber security (and now AI) within the information/digital sector. This has resulted in records management often not considered (except where retention is concerned). Professionals need to work together to raise the profile of the profession(s) and ensure that we are no longer overlooked however are recognised, resourced, and given ‘our seat at the table’ in order that records management requirements can be met in a digital age. This talk will inspire and motivate attendees to focus on records management as a foundation of information governance and outline how implementing M365 and a professional network can provide this opportunity.