Human factors unveiled: Investigating hidden causes of data breaches – it’s not just about the individual!

10:20 - 10:50

Human error is often noted as a main cause of data breaches. According to the ICO in 2022 76% of breaches reported to them were categorised as non-cyber in their nature, with 18% of all reported incidents being caused by emailing the wrong individual. This shows that the involvement of people does make a data breach more likely, but the why is rarely examined in much detail.  

By not asking “why”, we are missing a learning opportunity to bring about organisational changes to prevent it from happening again. If we are to look at this another way, the HSE doesn’t just accept human error as a response if someone suffers an accident at work.  This talk will enlighten practitioners on how they can fully examine the ‘why’ in relation to data breaches, and how this investigation into human factors can reduce the likelihood of a similar incident happening again.