Imposter syndrome – who wants to sail with a saboteur (more speakers to follow…)

14:30 - 15:20

Imposter syndrome is something that most IG professionals suffer from. Whenever I bring this up in conversation everyone has their own experiences and battles with it in some form or another.

We are a profession that meets a lot of resistance from our organisations therefore we disproportionately suffer from it.

My question to you is, what would your world look like without it?

In this session we’ll explore what Imposter Syndrome is and, with insights from our panel, some things you can do to combat it. We have 3 professionals at various stages in their career sharing with us their experiences with Imposter Syndrome and how they combat it. Self awareness and internal feedback is a good thing – impost syndrome is not! So with the help of our panel, lets navigate those tides and see where we end up.

Trigger warning though, we will be talking about mental and physical health, bullying and depression.