Joining forces for records and data management!

12:00 - 12:40

Records management and research data support management are distinctive yet connected discipline’s managing organising, storing, preserving, and accessing information.  By integrating our activities and where appropriate, workflows we are building a partnership to manage research data and records, and digital preservation.  This presentation will discuss joint strategies including data classification and management, freedom of information, and digital preservation. 

Outcomes and learnings from our work are used to evaluate and develop our guidance, integrate our workflows, improve our ways of working together, and respond to the ever-changing research landscape. By integrating our activities, rather than aligning aspects of our work, we become partners on research data and records stewardship and preservation.

Our approach offers several benefits to the university as it allows us to build on our related knowledge and skills and deliver outcomes that demonstrate greater value to the organisation, the records we handle and the researchers we support.