Keynote: AI and Data Privacy – The Inside Story

11:00 - 11:30

We’re constantly being told how AI is set to revolutionise every aspect of our lives with consequences up to and including the extinction of humanity. These are exciting but bewildering times, especially for professionals who are increasingly the gatekeepers and go-to information sources for queries this area.

But what is really changing? Which developments matter right now? How are businesses responding? And what should privacy and records professionals be doing about it?

Based on my team’s extensive real-life experience in supporting organisations in their AI journeys, this presentation will separate the real changes from the hype, unpack what is happening on the ground and deliver real-life insights and useable pointers in areas such as:

  • Key Risk Areas
  • Overlap between privacy, IP and competition
  • AI Governance Frameworks
  • Impact on Records Management
  • Employee Use of AI.
  • Risk Assessment and Vendor Management