Our IM strategy story and journey to improve our SAR service

11:10 - 11:50

This session will cover the journey that the MoJ has embarked on to improve the information management culture and capability across a diverse organisation with over 80,000 employees. Dealing with challenges including: a global pandemic, managing public finances/budgets, public authority legal obligations and large volumes of information in operational delivery agencies, MoJ has taken a flexible scope approach and kept the programme of work moving forwards.

The second part of the session will cover issues that led to an accumulating backlog of Offender SARs, the actions taken in line with an ICO Enforcement Notice, leading to the backlog’s early clearance.  The restructure of the team will be described and then the digitisation process that has happened so far, the improvements and savings it has made, and what is being looked at for the future to ensure that we run a large scale, efficient service including the journey from rudimentary performance stats to team dashboards.  The team currently deals with over 525 SARs per month, averaging 1,100 pages.