Clare Paterson

Data Protection Consultant
CP Data Protection

Clare launched CP Data Protection in 2017 with one clear objective – to offer accessible, real-world advice and training on data protection issues for values-led organisations. With almost two decades of experience in the social housing sector, when Clare was asked to write a book on her specialist data protection topic, it was an easy decision to write “A Practical Guide to Data Protection in Social Housing”, published in December last year.

Clare draws on her experience of quality assurance and risk management, and of working with a wide range of clients, and combines it with her data protection knowledge to provide clear and practical advice, that reassures rather than scares.

You’ll usually find Clare balancing work with family life, listening to – and making – podcasts and drinking coffee!

Clients describe Clare as “friendly, professional and flexible”, having a “warm and friendly approach” and her work as “excellent quality”.