Michele Noad

Information Management Change Specialist
Continuum Connected & LGimprove

Michele Noad Msc AIRMS FIRMS is passionate about information management and is tireless in improving organisations  information culture.  You could say that she loves information Management. Michele has over 30 years’ experience working in and with both public sector bodies and some private organisations. She is a qualified Records Manager but also has a broad technical knowledge. She is also a qualified project/programme (MSP) manager.  However, Michele is probably best known for her engagement techniques and cultural change programmes using information as the foundation for change. She has developed an endorsed model which has been deployed this across many organisations.   This model quickly transforms the information and records management culture and ensures that employees are very much part of the transformation. Michele is also the author of the Local Government Functional Classification Scheme. She and IRMS own the copyright – free to all IRMS members. She won Information Management Professional of the Year 2014.