Vivienne Artz OBE

Data Strategy and Privacy Policy Advisor
Centre for Information Policy Leadership

NED, Chair, Advisor to Boards and CEOs, Data Strategy/Privacy/D&I/Financial Crime Thought Leader, Expert and Policy Advisor. PICCASO Privacy Awards founder.

Data impacts every aspect of our lives – business, personal and societal. We are on an important journey to identify and leverage the exciting opportunities of living in a data driven world, with a growing digital economy, whilst ensuring an ethical and safe environment to thrive and grow as our privacy and other rights are safeguarded.
AI, data, privacy, identity, digital and blockchain, the fight against financial crime, Equality Diversity and Inclusion are my interests and passions. Through my various Board and C-suite advisory roles, and as Chair of numerous industry body and thought leadership groups, I delighted to have the opportunity to work with leaders and experts to help shape the future, policy and actions of those focussed on enabling an innovative and inclusive future for all.