Andrea Donohue

Senior Manager - Global Records and Archives, Ford Foundation

Andrea Donohue is the Senior Manager, Global Records and Archives at the Ford Foundation in New York, N.Y. where she has developed a globally compliant records and archives management program designed to mitigate risk while preserving organizational history. Prior to her work at Ford, Andrea served as a Research Analyst and Records Manager for the U.S. Department of State. There she provided analytical research services for members of the President's Cabinet and the United States Delegation to the United Nations. Andrea also served as the records manager, developing policies and procedures for the collection and preservation of archival federal records. Andrea has a Master's Degree in Library Science and hold certifications as a Records Manager (CRM), an Information Governance Professional (IGP), and a Federal Records Manager. She serves as a member of several international records organizations and believes in freely sharing her work to contribute to the record and archive profession's body of knowledge.


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