Andrea Wignall

Records Management Business Partner, Department of Health and Social Care

After 18 years in public facing roles with Department of Work and Pensions, Andrea joined the Departmental Records Office at the Department of Health and Social Care in November 1998. Over the last 21 years she has gained experience in every aspect of information management for this diverse central government department which is constantly in the public eye. Andrea gained a Diploma in Records and Information Management from Liverpool University and then a MSc in Records Management from Northumbria. In her role as a Records Management Business Partner, and Deputy Departmental Records Officer, she provides guidance on many aspects including requests for advice on every day issues through to the complexities of the records management requirements for new IT systems. She says the person who told her in 1998 that she would be bored handling dusty paper obviously had no idea about the reality of information management!

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Migrate. Decommission. Preserve – a journey through a content management decommissioning project

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