Barry Moult

Information Governance Consultant (NHS Health & Social Care)

Barry is originally from Stoke on Trent and started nurse training in the RAF in the early 1970, having worked in Occupational Health through to the 1980s. He moved to welfare work for the MoD in the late 1980s, and then into IT Training for a private company and Cardiff Prison. In 1997 Barry completed a return to nurse practice, working in A&E, and continued to work as a nurse there, with senior clinical duties at nights and weekends. In 2000 he became the Data Protection Officer at West Suffolk Hospital. Barry founded and has chaired the Eastern Region Information Governance Forum in 2003 and until 2018 chaired the National Strategic IG Network, which brings together the chairs of all such forums across England. He prefers ‘face-to-face’ training to e-learning and is an advocate of Information Governance Peer review. In 2014 Barry moved from West Suffolk Hospital to Colchester Hospital as Head of Information Governance and Health Records and, in 2018, took a leap, setting himself up as a much sought-after private Information Governance and privacy consultant.

Session Title

"Data protection and transparency in health and social care: is it at the heart of what we do?"

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