Chris Paterson

Privacy Engineer, CIPP/E, OneTrust

Chris Paterson serves as a Privacy Engineer at OneTrust – the largest and most widely used dedicate privacy management technology platform for compliance with global privacy laws. In his role, Paterson advises many of the world's leading organizations on GDPR and ePrivacy (Cookie Law) solution implementations, focused on formulating efficient and effective responses to data protection requirements as well as building and scaling global privacy programmes. With five years of professional experience in implementing complex big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence-based solutions for the world’s largest pharma, energy, hospitality and insurance firms, Paterson’s background combines complex programme management, business and process design/analysis, product management and cross-functional solution implementation. Paterson is a Certified Information privacy Professional (CIPP/E), holds a B.A. with distinction in International Relations from Boston University and earned his Master of Science in Security Studies from University College London.

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