Clare Burke

Glasgow City Council

Clare is the Senior Information Governance Officer at Glasgow City Council. She has spent her 32 year career with Glasgow City Council. She progressed her career through the Revenues and Benefits area for over 25 years gaining a clear understanding on how sensitive information should be managed, and has used this experience to transition to the Governance Information Management role over the last 6 years. Current projects she leads include implementing a robust Records Management practice, continued roll out of the Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRMS) and implementation of a Secure Data Sharing solution to enable collaboration with external 3rd Parties ensuring compliance with Data Protection Regulations. She is passionate about enforcing the Information Security message and is very active in an engagement and learning role across the organisation to ensure best practice is adopted and enforced. She has been successful with the IRMS Certificate in Information Governance and currently progressing to be IRMS accredited.


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