Danny Morris

Principal Researcher, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Danny has worked across public service roles for over 15 years, at a local and regional level. Starting off in a back office role supporting systems and gaining an understanding of data capture and storage, Danny then moved on to support the Troubled Families work within a local authority and quickly gained a passion for the programme. Danny has been lucky enough to evaluate Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs, exploring how residents interact with multiple services and carrying out cost-benefit analysis, and has been involved in various projects exploring the use of data to improve service delivery and residents' experience. Danny has since progressed to more strategic roles allowing him to revise a council strategy, understanding the role digital changes would have on residents and services in future, explore predictive analysis and the end to end data journey required to make this happen. At the heart of all of this work is doing the right thing for residents - Danny understands the importance of giving the residents a voice at the start of ambitious projects to get the balanced view of ethics, privacy and legislation and then taking people on the journey, from thinking to design and into the final product.

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Closing Plenary: Greater Manchester Combined Authority

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