Jacqueline Stockwell

Managing Director & Founder, Leadership Through Data

Jacqueline is the Director of Leadership Through Data (LTD), who are leading experts in Information Governance Training and Consultancy. Jacqueline started Leadership Through Data to transform the way people learn about Information Governance and avoid making training a tick-box exercise. Jacqueline’s creative leadership style and proactive approach to data protection has led her to be an inspirational leader and as quoted by her colleagues and clients "her positive attitude is infectious” and "totally human in her approach”. Jacqueline is highly qualified with a MSC in Healthcare Management, BA Hons in Business Management, and holds a BSC Certificate in Freedom of Information and a Data Protection qualification. Jacqueline’s approach to information governance is to simplify what is viewed as a complex and uninteresting topic into relevant practical and enjoyable solutions, which can be understood and implemented by staff, employers and clients. The safety and security of information is both key to successful businesses but also a threat to their success if not managed effectively.


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