James Lappin

Doctoral Researcher, Loughborough University

James Lappin has been researching archival policy towards email at Loughborough University since 2015, whilst also working in the European Institutions. 

James has been a thought leader in the field of records management for two decades, working as a

practitioner, consultant, researcher, trainer, cartoonist, podcaster, author and blogger. 

His paper 'The defensible deletion of government email' was published by the Records Management Journal in 2019 and an open access version is available from the Loughborough University digital repository.

He has written retention schedules for a nuclear power station and an air traffic control service; written a records management strategy for the ICRC; and advised various UN agencies and national and devolved parliaments on their SharePoint and electronic records management systems implementations.

His blog Thinking records has been going for more than ten years and has a claim to be the widest read one-person records management blog in the world.   


Session Title

"The transition to managing records with the help of machines"

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