Judith Ellis

Managing Director, Enterprise Knowledge and Chair of the ISO Committee for Records Management Standards

Judith has worked in the information and knowledge management field for over 30 years, throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific in consulting, recruitment, education and training. She has held various leadership positions with industry and professional groups and has led national and sector work on recordkeeping compliance. Judith is the Chair of the ISO Technical Committee (TC 46/SC 11), the international group responsible for overseeing important records management standards including ISO 15489 and ISO 30301. She has led national and sector work on recordkeeping compliance and was a member of a ministerial advisory council on records in Australia for 18 years. Judith has contributed to a number of professional conferences and publications and edited three books. She has been involved with three Australian universities in teaching, course development and research programmes, and chairs an Advisory Board for Organisational and Social Informatics at Monash University.


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