Madi McAllister

Information Governance and Data Protection Officer, National Church Institutions of the Church of England

Madi is the Information Governance Officer and Data Protection Officer for the 7 National Church Institutions of the Church of England (NCIs), and is leading on, amongst other things, the implementation of the People Master Data Management strategy, GDPR and data protection, including running a Data Protection Officer network across the Church of England, and she manages the Records Management team. Madi is a Fellow of the IRMS and has been working in Information and Records Management since 2012. She was recently given the AIIM Community Award for her work on GDPR. Previously Madi worked in local authorities, where she was the lead records manager for a SharePoint implementation. She is a founder member of the UCL MIRRA Advisory Group, and a Certified Information Practitioner.

Session Title

Like herding cats - the challenge of Master Data Management in the Church of England

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