Michele Noad

Independent Records Manager, Continuum Connected

Michele Noad IRMS SharePoint and Office 365 Group Chair IRMS Records and Information Professional 2014 FIRMS, AMIRMS, Author of the Local Government Classification Scheme Michele is currently working with 6 Councils . She has developed a model for a consistent, repeatable delivery and provides practical advice and help with digital transformation for ANY organisation - not just councils. She also provides training on 0365 and SharePoint as well as being the author of an IRMS endorsed classification scheme. After winning the prestigious IRMS award in 2014, and having notched up 25 years local government experience, Michele is now independent specialising in digital records and information management transformation – and particularly making use of 0365 and SharePoint. PASSIONATE about this subject, she can generate enthusiasm at all levels. It is Michele’s belief that cultural change is "all about the people” Using innovative techniques to engage is her trademark and she believes that she can persuade anyone that records management is exciting! She has used these techniques to deliver successful changes. Michele graduated from Dundee University (distance learning) with an MSc in RM and Information Rights in 2011. Her skill set is unique as she is also an MSP Programme Management Practitioner and a PRINCE11 project manager. Aside from receiving the professional of the year in 2014, she also gained a fellowship last year. Michele is also absolutely delighted to be the new author of the NEW Local Government Functional Classification Scheme – approved on 4 February 2019 and due to be updated again this year.


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"There are no calories in a F.A.T. File Plan"

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