Paulina Jedwabska

Information Governance Lead, Wellcome Trust

Paulina helps organisations understand concept of data, information and records. Providing strategic help with information governance, records management and data protection compliance. Proven track record in compliance, data protection and training. Currently Information Governance Lead at Wellcome Trust. Previously civil servant with excellent interpersonal skills and a genuine enthusiasm for creative solutions. Worked as a Head of Information Governance at DCMS, leads the strategic management of information at DCMS. Information governance balances the use and security of information and helps with operational transparency, legal compliance. This relates to both digital and physical records management; the records life cycle; management of digitally born records; the application of records management principles, permanent preservation of records. Previously worked at the National Portrait Gallery, International Olympic Committee and Olympic Delivery Authority. Fluent in English and Polish.


Session Title

"Does information governance matter? Do we need it?"

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