Phillipa Thornley

Information Governance Advisor and Data Protection Officer, North Lincolnshire Council

Phillipa Thornley is the Data Protection Officer and Information Governance Advisor at North Lincolnshire Council. She has worked for the council for 17 years and began working in Information Governance 11 years ago after leading Information Governance elements of an improvement project. For the last 5 years she has managed the Information Governance Team overseeing requests for information, information related complaints, records management, information security and the role of the Data Protection Officer. Prior to this role Phillipa worked as a Business Analyst improving and streamlining council processes. This is a skill she has found useful since moving into Information Governance and particularly when considering and implementing change. Prior to that Phillipa worked in the private sector for a large international organisation in a customer facing role. Information Governance and Data Protection fascinates Phillipa and as those in similar roles may understand there is never a dull moment. There is always something new to learn or research. At the weekend you will find Phillipa on the golf course, playing an equally challenging sport.

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"Achieving Successful Transformation in Data Protection"

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