Rachel Mitchell

IG Lead and DPO, Care Inspectorate (Scotland)

I am currently the Data Protection Officer and Information Governance (IG) lead for the Care Inspectorate, a position I have held since July 2018. I have a Masters in Records and Information Management from Northumbria but as with many fellow information practitioners, I was a latecomer to the profession. My first degree in Microbiology led me to a career in the civil service starting with the Ministry of Defence and culminating in the National Crime Agency predominantly working in intelligence. This is where my understanding of the importance of record keeping came from. It was instilled into me in an early age about how to create a file and the importance of properly storing and manging information through the ‘old style’ registries. In my current post I oversee all aspects of information, records management and data protection as the lead for a small but perfectly formed team of four.


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"0365: Making It Easy To Do The Right Thing"

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