Tim Gollins

Head of Preservation and Information Management, National Records of Scotland

Tim started his career in the UK scientific civil service in 1987 working on Information Assurance. Since then he has worked on User Requirements, Systems Development, Systems Design, Information Management, and Information Security on several large government IT projects. In 2000 Tim completed an MSc in Information Management from the University Of Sheffield specialising in Cross Language Information Retrieval.

Tim joined The National Archives (TNA) in April 2008 where he led work on digital preservation and cataloguing. Tim helped develop the National Archives business information architecture and to initiate work on the new TNA Discovery system. Tim worked on the design and implementation of a new Digital Records Infrastructure at TNA implementing the Parsimonious Preservation approach he created. Tim was seconded in July 2013 to the University of Glasgow to work on "technically assisted sensitivity review of digital public records”. He retains an honorary position at Glasgow and a particular interest in Sensitivity Review in Digital Archives.

Tim joined the National Records of Scotland in January 2015 focusing on the archiving and preservation of digital records. Since August 2018, as Head of Preservation & Information Management, Tim has led teams responsible for all aspects of Archival Preservation and Conservation (Digital and Physical), and Information Governance.

Tim was a Director of the Digital Preservation Coalition from 2009 to 2015 and was a member of the University of Sheffield I-School's Advisory Panel from 2010 to 2016.

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"Transfer from EDRM to Archives"

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