In the Spotlight: Andrea Binding

Company: Somerset County Council

Job Title: Corporate Records Manager

What attracted you to the IRMS Conference event?

The IRMS Conference provides an excellent opportunity to hear about what's new in the profession, to meet with vendors and to network with peers.

Where do you see the Information Record Management industry heading over the next few years?

I see the industry influencing change, both within organisations due to public accessibility legislation and transparency, but also in the technology industry, by working with vendors to create EDRMS systems which support records management requirements for all sectors.

When you think about the industry, what keeps you awake at night?

My biggest worry is about ensuring the value of information management remains on the technology agenda and is incorporated into new products and systems.

If you have been to the IRMS Conference event before, what was your highlight?

Hearing from experts about the challenges facing the industry and how we can adapt and overcome them.

What do you feel is the most pressing pain point of end-users in the industry for 2018?

I feel the most pressing pain point for end users in 2018 is GDPR compliance and user awareness. We are overwhelmed by the volume of information held by an organisation and the challenge is knowing what is held and ensuring it is managed, maintained and retained in accordance with legal and business requirements, often with limited resources.

Who has helped shape your career, and how?

Gaining a post-graduate MSC in Information Management has enabled me to achieve career progression.  This has enabled me to raise the profile of information management within my organisation and ensure it is aligned to corporate strategies.

If a time machine could take you anywhere for one day, when/where would you go?

I would like to go back to the days before the value of information management was known and to provide public sector organisations with a copy of the Local Government Classification Scheme and a retention schedule for client case records which would ensure records were retained to enable people to research their personal family history.

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