In the Spotlight: John Drury

Company: Micro Business Systems Ltd

Job Title: General Manager


What attracted you to the IRMS Conference event?

Gather knowledge on GDPR and see what changes will be required to compete with the regulations.

Where do you see the Information Record Management industry heading over the next few years?

I see an increase in consultancy & the sale of services and systems as GDPR pushes businesses to invest into & maintain the records and information they store placing this expense at the higher end of their budgets.

When you think about the industry, what keeps you awake at night?

Some of my clients and the relaxed attitudes to Data Protection

What do you feel is the most pressing pain point of end-users in the industry for 2018?


If a time machine could take you anywhere for one day, when/where would you go?

Back in time far enough to convince David Cameron not to hold an EU Referendum and avoid Brexit.

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